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Congenital Heart Failure, how long to live?

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My step children's biological father was diagnosed with CHF, says his heart works at about 20% efficiency. This doesn't sound good to me, he is 300+ lbs, very obese. My wife and I have not told the children, don't know what his life expectancy is at this point. So, don't know if there should be a rush to prepare the children emotionally or not.

Anyone know the life expectancy in this case?

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    • I've always heard that about 5 years is the expectancy once diagnosed with "congestive heart failure". Alot depends on how well the patient takes care of themselves and follows doctors orders. I don't think I would worry children too soon.
      #1; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:16:00 GMT
    • :angel: What is the reason behind his congestive heart failure? Because if its leaking valves or something, they may be able to operate and fix his problem. However with his ef being that low it seems unlikely a lot of his symptoms would go away.
      #2; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:17:00 GMT
    • I have CHF, I ahve had it now since Feb. 2003. They say that it can go into a remission of sorts but not cured. My EF at that time was 28 and at my last cardiac cath after a minor attack was in the normal range. The doctor when asked how that is possible answered "praise the Lord." It is not likely that anyone would regain that much pressure but it is possible.

      Following Doctors orders and pray are essential to recovery. I know that when I had brochitis in December, it really took a toll on me. Try and keep him healthy and away from anyone tht gets a bacterial infection like streph throat. They attack the valves.

      I hope this gives you some hope.

      #3; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:18:00 GMT
    • There's really no way to predict the life span of a CHF patient.

      I have a long history of coronary problems including a severe heart attack in 1974 and 6 bypass surgery in 1981. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 1994 after an episode of pulmonary edema (something to be avoided, believe me). My ejection fraction at present is about 35%. And yet I live a normal life, doing essentially anything I want. Yet I, like a large fraction of CHF patients, am prone to atrial fibrillation. And I take medication for that.

      I suggest that your step-children's bio dad find a cardiologist who specializes in congestive heart failure. There are new and relatively effective treatments and medications for CHF.

      I also suggest that you do a ****** search on 'Congestive Heart Failure'. There is a huge amount of information available on this subject. There are CHF web sites where practical advice is available, and where you can ask questions and share experiences. I have found some of these sites to be invaluable.

      Hope this helps.


      #4; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:19:00 GMT
    • Very helpful, thanks. I think his biggest obstacle is his sedentary lifestyle and his gross obesity, as he is between 300 and 350 lbs. He has never taken care of himself and obviously doesn't watch his diet. I'm not sure he has the self discipline to change his lifestyle. I have also heard recentley that this can resolve itself to a degree.
      #5; Sun, 16 Dec 2007 18:20:00 GMT