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very high trig. elevated liver enzymes

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recent blood tests show very high trig. 777, and slightly elevated liver enzymes.

3 years ago tc was high but trigs. were fine..

i have not gained any weight over the years but am prone to extra tummy fat.

i do drink 4 glasses of red wine a night, so i don't know if it is the alcohol or the high trig. that has liver enzymes up, doc said it could be either.

high trig. runs in the family, so it 6 of one half dozen of the other...

have always been a 'drinker' but actually drink less now than i did 5 years ago.

she has put me on Advicor, said she has seen great results from it, and told me to try to cut back on the wine :(

re test for liver in 6 weeks re test tc in 3 months.

any thoughts much appreciated!

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    • Cut down to 2 glasses if possible ( and don't cheat , use the same glass size you do now :cool: ) The other night I ordered a bloody mary from some restaurant and it was served in a glass that was almost a foot tall.
      #1; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 22:37:00 GMT
    • Booze is the biggest raiser of TG's there is... followed by sugar... then followed by carbs.

      And booze can also raise your liver emzimes.

      You are in the same place I am... I like to enjoy a few cocktails in the evening... but I've cut those down to two or three nights a weeks and my TG's improved significantly. I also try to keep away from flour and rice or products made from them like pasta and bread

      Sorry about the Booze News... :(

      Good luck. :)

      #2; Tue, 18 Dec 2007 22:38:00 GMT