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why does my chest hurt after eating?

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Does anyone know why after I eat I get a sharp pain in my left side? Is it due to gas or something more serious. Very concerned, any opinions would be great


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    • It could be due to gastrointestinal problem such as acid reflux, or pericardium inflammation or a pulmonary problems or heart disease. The only way to find out for certain is to go to a qualified medical doctor and preferably one who graduated in the top half of his class from one of the better medical schools. (My money is against heart disease because of the type of pain (i.e. sharp as opposed to crushing, pressure, band like or squeezing sensation. )
      #1; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:56:00 GMT
    • Thanks a million. Well, my chest seems to hurt only after eating certain types of food. For example if I binge out one week on all sorts of fatty/junk/greasey foods, the pains seems to come back. If I eat good eliminating the greasey food intake it doesnt seem to be as bad, and sometimes it doesnt hurt at all. Whenever I get the pains after eating, it seems to be releived by burping/releasing gas. I'm hoping that this information will perhaps be able to help you pin point the cause of the pain a little better.

      Again, thanks for the advice, I have made an appointment with the doctor but it is not for another 2 weeks, so I'm just looking for some before hand information.

      Thank you.

      #2; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:58:00 GMT
    • If the pain comes after eating, it is most likely a symptom of GERD...i.e. chronic acid reflux...i.e. having heartburn over and over again with varying severity. Why does your chest hurt and not, say, your stomach? Well, it's because the nerves in that area are all interconnected and while it's your esophagus that's actually the thing that's being burned by the stomach acid, it manifests itself as chest pain.
      #3; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:58:00 GMT
    • Megatron10 I agree with you. I too have pains after I eat. If I eat greasy or junk foods, then during or sometimes 5 minutes later my left side of my chest or breast will hurt. But if I eat good food like steamed cabbage, or vegetables and fruits or steamed fish; then I feel no pain.

      I was supposed to have nose surgery under general anesthesia on Wed. Sept. 10, 2003. But it was cancelled when my doctor called me and asked me will I be in for surgery on Wednesday. I told her yes but except for the fact that my left side of my chest/breast area seems to be in pain. She then told me, if you come to the hospital on Wednesday and tell the Anesthesiologist that your left side of your chest hurts, THEY WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO DO THE SURGERY ON YOU.

      So she said it is better that I go back to my Cardiologist and get further testing as to why my left chest/breast area hurts especially after I eat. When everything is cleared then bring all the cleared papers from the Cardiologist so she can re-schedule my surgery.

      So if anybody has ever had pain after they eat especially certain types of foods after they eat; and if you were diagnosed, please let me know what was your diagnosis. I won't be able to see my cardiologist for another 2 to 3 weeks so if anybody has this experience or symptoms like Megatron10 and I please feel free to spill everything you know. Thanks

      #4; Fri, 14 Dec 2007 23:00:00 GMT